10x10 modular displays
10x10 modular  displays

A 10x10 modular display gives you the opportunity to create an exciting custom looking exhibit and allows your booth to grow with your brand without investing in a brand-new display. They can be designed to fit the requirements of any exhibitor.

Our modular 10x10 exhibits can accommodate common requirements like large monitors, product shelving, lockable storage and demo counters.

Solid. Strong. Secure.

Octanorm 20x20 trade show display

Octanorm is an anodized aluminum extrusion that connects together with a lock-and-tool system to create the display framework. Rollable graphic panels, fabric panels or sintra panels can be attached to the Octanorm extrusion to create graphic walls.  Metallic Diebond panels, clear or frosted Plexiglas, perforated metal, or wood laminates also make great walls.  

Vibrant, Compact Graphic Solution 

10x10 Octanorm full graphic tradeshow display

We’ve reimagined the traditional Octanorm exhibit by printing graphic panels that simply magnet onto the frame. This creates a mural-like graphic finish that simply rolls up into a compact case for shipping. Or print to a fabric, to create a larger graphic span while minimizing your shipping costs. 

Built for You

20x20 Octanorm display with hanging banner

Displays can be customized to create a one of a kind, unique modular exhibit that meets a client’s specific requirements without the timeline for production and cost that a custom display has. Sit down with our designers and build the booth that works for you.   


10x20 Octanorm corner display with monitor and literature holders

Octanorm can support just about anything—trucks, people, equipment from the field—you name it. Octanorm is the best modular system on the market for double-decker exhibits. Create private meeting areas for your VIPs by adding a second story. Whatever you need, we can build it with Octanorm. 


20x20 Octanorm modular display with full graphic towers

Octanorm hardware allows multiple configurations based on changing exhibit sizes, heights and needs. We can easily design additions and extensions that seamlessly adjust your display to fit a larger booth space when needed.  

Shipping, Simplified

10x20 inline Octanorm modular trade show display

Depending on the Octanorm display you choose (or design) we can build the components to fit into standard, flat packed portable shipping cases, or into a custom built, high quality road case. 

Let's work together to build your display!


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Exhibit Studio has been doing an incredible job for us for over 15 years. To all the staff, Thanks for all your hard work.
Jim Garand, Sobey's Wholesale