Exhibit Studio's Calgary showroom location
Exhibit Studio Calgary outside office building

Exhibit Studio is a full service display company located in Calgary Alberta. We are involved with every aspect of trade show exhibiting. We are truly a one stop shop, with in house graphic and 3d design, print, custom fabrication and installation departments we keep costs down and have complete control of the project from start to finish, We are committed to realizing your trade show objectives from pre-show to post-show.

We are also Calgary's go-to team for building experiential marketing activations. Bring us your biggest, boldest ideas and watch us bring them to life. We have worked with clients such as WestJet, GMC, Polaris and ATCO to bring their brand to their customers by creating brand experiences that their loyal customers will never forget. We have helped many companies create life long memories of their brand. 

Our capabilities don't stop on the trade show floor or in the event world. Our print and custom fabrication capabilities transfer easily into the interior branding of permanent office environments. We have worked with many of our clients to bring their brand to life in their work space. Environmental branding is an important aspect of telling clients and prospects who you are. When a client leaves your office they should remember your office as both professional and inviting. 

Established in 2007, the Exhibit Studio team has a lifetime of experience in the print and custom fabrication industry. We come from many backgrounds but all share the same core belief that quality and customer service are still what matters most to our clients.

Our goal is to welcome every customer as a part of our family, and work together to achieve the most innovative and effective high quality display solutions to suit each customer’s objectives. It doesn’t matter to us whether you have a budget of $500, $50,000 or $500,000 we always want our clients to feel like they have spent their budget wisely. Our team is dedicated to the highest standard of customer satisfaction. We want you to come back—you are never a one time sale to us. It may sound cliché, but we truly are all about building relationships with our clients that last!

Our Core Values

Every day at Exhibit Studio, we strive to reach our core values through our work and our environments. Our list continues to build as our company expands in size and it's values. Our actions and words not only affect ourselves but our clients and visitors. 

Creativity: Through innovation, imagination and modern technology, we challenge ourselves to provide quality creative solutions to meet our client's needs. 

Team work: No one person is responsible for the success of Exhibit Studio and is our combined efforts that help us to achieve the goals/vision of the company and our clients. 

Balance: By showing up to work physically and mentally prepared for the day, we become mindful that our time at work is limited. By completing our daily work, it frees up our time at home for family and friends.

Loyalty: We believe in the success of the company and whole heartedly in the products and services we offer at Exhibit Studio. 

Ownership: Each one of us is responsible for our job and the work we do. We take pride in what we deliver knowing our actions affects the success of our clients, team members and success of the company. 

Communication: We believe in open communication at Exhibit Studio. We are upfront and honest with each other and our clients, and believe our actions can be useful in the workplace through positivity. 

Quality: The words "good enough" are not in our vocabulary as we strive for exceptional work through our products and services for our clients.

Knowledge: Each one of us strive to learn new skills while expanding and mastering our current ones. We always take challenges on as a chance to learn something new and take every opportunity we can to learn and grow.

Systems: We understand systems are important to create consistency and procedure at Exhibit Studio. We may not agree with them, but understand that they are important and changes must make sense for all.

Fun: We create an atmosphere of positivity, encouragement and happiness at Exhibit Studio. We believe this follows us through the work we do and our life outside the workplace.

Integrity: We believe integrity means doing the right thing in all circumstances whether someone is watching or not. We are honest with ourselves, each other and our clients, only promising what we intend to keep.

Safety: The Exhibit Studio team is committed to protecting the safety and health of theirselves, each other, clients and visitors and the workplace with everything we do.