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How To Save Money in Your Trade Show Budget

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Maybe your company is cutting costs, or maybe you’ve just been meaning to streamline your trade show budget for a while, and just aren’t sure where to start. No matter the reason why, if you need to start reducing costs in your trade show marketing plan, we can help…


In fact, we’ve written an entire e-book on the subject.

Effectively cutting costs, without completely compromising your trade show presence, can be tricky. Two things you really have to watch out for are loss of confidence, and “The Grey Zone”. Loss of confidence happens when you dramatically reduce your presence at shows you’ve attended for years, or don’t show up at all. Your leads, and even your customers, may read this as a sign that your company is struggling to stay afloat—and may question whether or not they want to continue investing their money with you. The Grey Zone is where you can end up if, instead of making dramatic cuts, you attempt to reduce spending evenly across all areas of your trade show plan. The result is often a lacklustre exhibit and overall presence, which will hurt your trade show ROI.

So how do you avoid those kinds of pitfalls? What else should you watch out for? We cover all of that, and more, in our new ebook: A Handy Guide on How To Save Money in Your Trade Show Budget.

Download the Guide!

It’s a mouthful. It’s also a tonne of very useful information, broken down into eight easy-to-chew pieces. We look at show selection, booth space selection, the display itself, your booth furnishings, show services, shipping & storage, and staffing your display; within each of those sections we examine how your money is spent, where the best value is, how to effectively cut costs, and what to watch out for.

So what are you waiting for?
Download the FREE ebook right now and start saving!

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