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Take a hike, Velcro. Magnet is here.

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Whoa. We just made display industry history. Say goodbye to carpet-like velcro panels and say hello to the freedom of magnet-ready, magnet-on graphics.

Take a hike, Velcro. Magnet is here.

What do you do if your company’s message or goals differ from trade show to trade show?

What if you need to showcase different products, services or information on your display at different events?

Once upon a time (in a galaxy far, far away) you would have bought a pop-up display that included some fabric panels for velcro-on graphics, or purchased several banner stands with a different message on each one. But you know what? Velcro-on graphics are going out of style; they don’t achieve that really bold, eye-catching look you get with a full graphic display. Organizing and managing a collection of banner stands can be a logistical nightmare. It’s become difficult to achieve a great looking display with a changeable message.

Until now.

Not that long ago we launched a totally awesome, game-changing product that looks great and allows you to change your message whenever, however you want:

Magnet-ready, full colour graphic panels.

These magnet-ready panels can be used on our Pop-Up Displays, Banner Stands, Octanorm, and Gridline displays. Once your display is printed with these amazing new panels, we can print magnet-on graphics (in full colour, almost any shape or size) that you can place onto your display—anywhere on your display.

No more carpet-like fabric panels. No more hassle repositioning velcro-on graphics. Take the message you need to the right shows and add it to your display as easily as sticking a magnet to your fridge. Place your message anywhere on your display. Total creative freedom.

Still not sure what we’re talking about? Take a peek:

An animated GIF that illustrates how magnet-on graphics can be added and repositioned on a magnet-ready pop-up display.

Watch as we attach two magnet-on graphics to our magnet-ready panels, followed by three custom cut “people” shaped magnet-on graphics. And a magnet-on speech bubble.

Pssst. Want to to know one of the best things about this awesome new product?

The cost. Printing a magnet-ready display is only marginally more expensive than printing standard graphic panels. The magnet-on graphics are no more expensive than our velcro-on graphics. If your trade show circuit includes a changing message, or you’re trying to update that old velcro-on graphic look, call us for a quote today or send us a message!

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