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Think back to trade shows you have attended. Are there certain displays that caught your attention and you still remember? It is easy to get lost within the vast displays lining the exhibit hall aisles. You need to leave a lasting impression amongst the crowds of trade show booths that blend in with each other.

A display that draws attention is the most effective way to stand out on a busy trade show floor. Custom exhibits allow you to make a statement at your events with a trade show booth built specifically for your needs. Custom exhibits are built around your brand, creative thinking and marketing goals.

There are endless possibilities with custom trade show exhibits, and our team can help bring your ideas to life. Custom exhibits allow for private conference rooms, storage rooms, video walls, demonstration areas, virtual reality stations, raised flooring and even a second-story double-decker! 

With new innovative technology, bold graphics, and creative builds, custom is worth the investment. Contact our sales team today to see how we can create a unique custom exhibit for your next trade show!

Attract clients to your booth.


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Dave and the entire team at Exhibit Studio are the definition of what you're looking forand would expect from a vendor and design partner. Always going above & beyond and not once in working together has an answer ever been "no". Where there's a will, there is a way - and with Exhibit Studio the will is undeniable. Thank you!
Adam Onysyk, West Jet
WestJet Experiential Display