portable banner stand display
portable banner stand display

Sometimes known as roll-ups, pop ups, or pull up screens but they are most commonly referred to as Banner Stands in the Trade Show industry.

Banner Stands are a portable display which gives you the opportunity to present on different styles, sizes and sometimes different shapes. Your standard, every day Banner Stand is about 7ft tall by about 3ft wide, though every system is slightly different.

With the average weight at approximately 10lbs, they are one of the lightest and easiest systems on the market. Banner stands are incredibly easy to transport whether it's in the back of your car or on a plane as checked baggage.

Because they are so easy to transport and setup, you can use them all year around, even outside of the trade show environment. If you host any kind of event such as a corporate party, golf tournament, etc. bring along your banner stand.

At Exhibit Studio, we offer a wide range of banner stand displays which cater to your portable needs.


Retractable Banner Stands for portable 10x10 displayThe Retractable is our most popular model and has a compact base with a swivel stabilizer foot and shock-corded pole. This banner stand can be assembled at one of three different height levels: counter-top, table-top or floor standing. Three of these units can be setup side-by-side to fill a 10ft booth space.


Retractable Banner Stand display for 10x10 booth

While similar to the Retractable banner stand, the Deluxe includes three main differences: a wider base, matte chrome finish on the hardware, and allows the graphic to be switched out for another graphics an unlimited number of times. Three of these units can be setup side-by-side to fill a 10ft booth space.


portable lite banner stands

The Lite is our standard non-retractable model: during set up, the pole and the base are manually assembled, the graphic unrolled by hand, then connected to the hardware. While this additional effort only adds a few minutes to the setup, the main difference between a retractable and a non-retractable system is that the graphic is not self contained inside the hardware.


portable x-stand banners for CIRI Gala

The X-Stand derives its name from the cross-shape hardware that flex to hold the graphic in place. Grommets in each corner of the graphic prevent it from tearing. A fifth leg on the hardware holds the entire unit upright. This product is extremely lightweight and smaller than a standard banner stand.


portable  double-sided banner stands

As the name suggests, this is a retractable banner stand model that offers a graphic presentation on both the front and the back. A single shock-corded pole supports both panels. This is a great solution for a larger exhibit space, an island display, or as a semi-permanent display in an open space such as a hotel lobby or office reception area.

4ft & 5ft Deluxe

portable 4FT  banner stand for Cognera

When the 3ft wide graphic of a standard banner stand isn’t enough the 4ft or 5ft wide system might be just what you need. The wider base is similar to our deluxe style and gives you the option to switch out multiple graphics as well. In larger spaces, a combination of 3ft, 4ft and 5ft wide displays can create visual interest.

Mini Me

portable banner stand mini me display for CNRL

The Mini Me is only 2ft wide by 5ft high which make it ideal for promotional, guidance or recruiting messages. Just like its larger counterpart, the graphic on this unit retracts into the base, the pole is shock-corded into three sections, includes a wider base for support, and the entire unit packs into a slim canvas carry bag.


portable dash banner stand for CCPA

The support pole for the Dash is telescopic, providing a customizable graphic height that most other banner stand systems don’t offer. A set of three mesh literature pockets is connected to the bottom of the graphic, however the system is also configurable without the pockets attached. The Dash is a non-retractable (manual roll-up) banner system.

Double Take

Portable double-take banner stand for Calgary Science Network

The Double Take is 2ft wide by 3ft high, with a pair of mesh literature pockets attached to the top of the graphic. This system works well as an informative panel or as a way to highlight a specific product or service, where the take-away material is included in the pockets above the message! The double take is a non-retractable (manual roll-up) banner system.

Table Top

Portable Table Top Banner Stand for Hillier

Most of our banner stand hardware is able to be adjust for Table Top height in 3ft, 4ft and 5ft widths. This size allows the perfect height for portable shows, branding, or corporate events. Talk to our sales team for more information!

Are banner stands right for you?


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A great experience all around. I love my booth! This is the 3rd time I have come back to these guys and they consistently exceed my expectations. If you want a quality product that will stand the test of time, go see the helpful staff at Exhibit Studio.
Andrew Smith, Uppercut Elevators
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