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Tracey MooreTracey Moore is a graduate from the University of Calgary with a degree in Communications and a minor in Business Management. Tracey’s trade show career started at her dad’s company, Display Dynamics, in a production capacity. She worked her way through the administration, accounting and marketing departments before advancing into show logistics, where she coordinated client activities at some of the largest shows in both Canada and the USA. Since 2003 she has been sales focused with a strong emphasis on customer service. It is her firm belief that people still want to talk to a real person and see what they are buying in person before they buy it!

In 2007 she realized that the vision she had for her career would be better accomplished within her own organization and Exhibit Studio was formed.

Outside of work, Tracey and her husband Courtney, live in Okotoks with their two small children, Logan, who is ten, and Charley, who is seven. In the life they vaguely remember as “Before Children” they were seasoned travellers, and still try to fit in as much of it as possible—just a few small adjustments to meet the demands of their munchkins. Sand and swimming pools are a must… NON negotiable!