repairs for damaged displays and trade show booths
repairs for damaged displays and trade show booths

Life is rough. Bring in your damaged, disjointed, or dirty display and our repairs team will do a free assessment. We’ll do simple repairs and clean up on-site, and help you determine the best solution for more extensive problems.

Our displays are meant to last for many years and lots of shows, but from time to time your graphics or hardware may require maintenance to keep them in good condition.

Many of our display systems come with a lifetime warranty and we stand behind every product we sell—bring in your display in whenever it needs a tune-up.

Problems with a product we don't sell? We will do our best to fix it up!

Let’s get started on your display project right now!


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SAW Communications has worked with Exhibit Studio to produce a number of display pieces over the years—and will continue to do so due to the outstanding service provided.

Among many of the projects we have partnered with Exhibit Studio on is Calfrac Well Service’s 10′ x 20′ booth. When we design something, we always want to partner with the best printers we know, so the final product comes out as (or better than) we imagined. We use Exhibit Studio for their great printing quality as well as their impeccable service and knowledge of the trade show industry. As always, Tracey was prompt in providing all of the necessary quotes and specs, was diligent in ensuring that the design and hardware worked together, and was a huge asset when it came to show logistics.

I would recommend Exhibit Studio to anyone looking for displays or help with show logistics—without hesitation.
Christina Lynes, Project Manager, SAW Communications