Exhibit Studio is a full-service exhibit design studio
Exhibit Studio is a full-service exhibit design studio

We help you make the right purchase decision for your specific exhibit needs and budget.

We are a full service trade show exhibit company.

What does that mean? We don’t just sell exhibits, we help our clients with every step of their exhibiting process, from strategy to storage.

Our service process begins by helping you determine what you need. Rental or purchase? A new display or updated graphics? Something easy to setup, or easy to ship? We have a full showroom so you can see first hand how different display options compare!

Once you have made your exhibit hardware decisions, our service process really gets rolling. Our in-house graphic designer will help walk you through the design process, and work closely with our production team to ensure your new display looks great. Our print department is open for visitors: watch your graphics come off our large format printer and approve the colours on the go.

While your display is being completed we can help you decide what other trade show services you may need. We can help with your paperwork, and your setup and take down. We can also help with the shipping process to ensure your display gets where it’s going—on time and on budget.

If your display needs repairs, or you need somewhere to store it between shows, we have service teams to help with that, too.

Customer service is our top priority!

Let’s get started on your display project right now!


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I have dealt with Exhibit Studio for quite some time and Shayla has always been one of the main reasons why I have remained loyal to this business. She is innovative, decisive and very professional in all manners. I really think that one of her strong suits is knowing what will draw a customer in without going too far and making the design gaudy. Shayla has always been on time, on budget and on the mark providing an innovative style with the classic endurance that I really appreciate. Shayla has built over four booths for us—10 x 10, (2) 10 x 20, 20 x 20—and we have always found that our booths stand out, are spacious for customers to feel comfortable and in general present our image to the customer about who we are.
Curtis Jerrom, VP Canada, EV Canada Inc.
EV Canada exhibit