trade show booth shipping and logistics handled by Exhibit Studio
trade show booth shipping and logistics handled by Exhibit Studio

Shipping your exhibit can be complicated, and can involve some complex paperwork. Our shipping & logistics team is happy to handle the details and ensure your display gets where it’s going, on time and on budget.

How is your display going to get there, and when? Will it arrive in one piece? Instead of worrying, let us take care of all the last minute details.

Our team is well versed and experienced with all of the ins and outs of shipping displays across Canada and abroad. We have built strong partnerships with freight and customs companies who understand thecritical timelines that trade show displays travel within.

We will ensure that your display makes it to the show on time and in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Let’s get started on your display project right now!


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In the many years I’ve dealt with Exhibit Studio, they have proven that they are a team of high integrity—they do what they say, and then usually a little more. How many times have I called with some crazy request? This is a company I can trust over the long term that they will be there for after sale service—which means a lot considering the complexity of some projects. I’ve had fun with the crew, and we’ve have become friends. Plus, they love Star Wars. What more can you ask?
Brian Olstad, Owner, Red Point Design