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Companies choose to rent a trade show display instead of buying one for many reasons. Whether you are a trade show newbie or a seasoned trade show pro, there are many factors to consider.

Renting display hardware is approximately one-third of the cost of buying it; if you only need to use an exhibit once or twice, renting a display might be the way to go. Rentals give exhibitors the opportunity to experiment with different types of displays, layouts, and booth sizes to figure out what works best before making the commitment to purchase. 

Consider logistics when deciding upon shipping your display cross-country. The cost of renting locally, in the city or town of the show, can be significantly less than shipping your existing display. If you have back-to-back or overlapping shows, renting a display may be the solution.

If you're interested in renting a display for your next trade show or event, contact a sales representative for more information.

Considering a rental display but not sure what you're looking for? Some of our clients have used rental hardware, furniture and accessories in really creative ways


10x10 rental displays 10x20 rental displays 20x20 displays and larger

Monitors and video wallsFurniture and podiumsOutdoor and Special Events

Install & Dismantle

Installation and Dismantle

If you’re renting your display, you might not be familiar with the setup and take down. Our installation and dismantle team can handle it for you, leaving you free to focus on the trade show and everything in between.

Shipping & Logistics


Sometimes you'll need to rent a display, but the show is out of town. Let us handle the shipping and logistics for your show so you can worry about the important things.



Are you renting a booth but need a little extra custom flare? Our fabrication team is the best in the business and can handle any request.

Show Services


Move-in schedules. Carpet rentals. Hanging overhead signage. Ordering booth cleaning services. Show services can involve a surprising amount of legwork. If you find your paperwork is just too much of a hassle, our show management team is ready to help.

Rent your booth today!


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Love these guys! They worked tirelessly to ensure myself and my clients were happy every step of the way! The large-scale trade show booth they built for us was professionally crafted, and their customer service went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend working with this team, and in fact I hope to again real soon


Meg Sweeney, Yellow House Events/Siemens