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Ambrose University Lions' Store Graphics

Mar 31, 2021 11:31:00 AM

Our most satisfying moments are when we complete a project and find that a positive experience was shared by both ourselves and the client. This is one of our outcome goals - that moving through our processes with confidence and commitment will lead to an ideal experience for the client.

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Siemens Custom Rental Exhibit

Mar 17, 2021 11:24:17 AM

When the CanWEA Annual Conference and Exhibition first visited Calgary in 2016, YellowHouse Events called us out of the blue. They were looking for a team to create and execute a 20' x 30' rental trade show experience for their client, Siemens, and needed someone that would provide unrivalled support. They had particular requests for the details, and within two weeks, we had renderings, quotes, and sign-off to start design and order materials. Talk about a quick turnaround!

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2021 IIHF World Junior Championship-Edmonton

Mar 3, 2021 11:15:00 AM

This project was a technical challenge. We are always excited by unusual requests and attack them head-on. This time we committed to tinkering with a 2021 Chevy Tahoe, a task that's not for the faint of heart.

As an International Partner of the IIHF World Juniors tournament, part of the Chevrolet commitment was to be rinkside to facilitate tournament goal-scoring celebrations, and we expected it to be well used! So, the request seemed simple.

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Village Honda Tire Wall

Feb 17, 2021 8:00:00 AM

We have had the opportunity to work with many parts and service departments at some of our local automotive dealerships. We have installed many permanent displays to showcase the tires they sell, their after-market add-ons, and their accessories. Typically we install Gridwall panels into a modular aluminum extrusion so that they can hang their products. The extrusion allows us to add graphic panels, install shelves and other accessories on the extrusion, and connect sections together.

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Blackbox and IBM at The Hudson

Feb 3, 2021 2:34:37 PM

We work with fantastic agency and event professionals—Detail-oriented, creative and innovative, strong leaders, flexible and energetic. We are lucky to have the opportunity to support a group of people with whom we share the same values, work ethic, and passion for their clients' success.

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ATCO's Christmas Thank You to Veterans

Jan 18, 2021 11:29:51 AM

ATCO has partnered up with the Homes for Heroes Foundation to help create community support for veterans who have found themselves on the path to homelessness after returning from duty. Together they have built ATCO village in Calgary, which consists of 15 tiny-homes. Each unit is fully furnished, has access to laundry facilities, a community garden, and is surrounded by neighbours that can relate to the things they’ve been through. 

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Betach Solutions : A Branding Success

Dec 15, 2020 2:50:00 PM

Betach Solutions is an IT company with offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, that offer cloud-based solutions for your business needs. They’ve recently moved buildings here in Calgary, and the location is beautifully partitioned into office spaces using Starwall West modular glass walls. Due to city code requirements, these glass walls needed some decals so that people could see the glass walls clearly and safely navigate around the office. While the initial reason for the decals was to serve a safety purpose, Betach Solutions took the opportunity to let their beautiful, vibrant branding illuminate the space around them.

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GMC ProShot: An Experiential Marketing Winner.

Nov 25, 2020 10:34:00 AM

There’s nothing quite like arming yourself with a water gun and lifting a 7000lb truck ten feet above your head with it. And if you have visited the Calgary Stampede, you might have done just that at the GMC ProShot exhibit—one of our all time favourite projects.

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Alberta University of the Arts

Nov 2, 2020 10:25:00 AM

The Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts) is an invaluable contributor to arts, culture, and education. Amongst its long list of accolades, it is the longest-running international art program in Calgary. Founded in 1926, the University is also home to the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, AUArts' younger yet highly mature sibling who just celebrated 60 years in 2018. Exhibit Studio has been proud to collaborate with IKG for the last four of those years, providing removable wall graphics and installation.

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Canada's Sports Hall of Fame: An Interactive Learning Experience

Oct 1, 2020 10:21:00 AM

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame is one of the oldest sports museums in North America and has been a vital contributor to the community's sports knowledge and culture for the last 65 years. The museum is located in Calgary, Alberta, at WinSport's Canada Olympic Park. The building was built brand new in 2011 and has won awards globally. It integrates high-end technology to implement many hands-on, interactive experiences that leave people with countless memorable moments.

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