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Our graphics team takes attention to detail to a whole new level. Print is not just pressing the print button; there is so much more that goes into the process. Our pre-press team checks all artwork to ensure that your images' quality is on-point and that all design elements are lining up and sized properly. We then match our test prints to previous work or Pantone books, securing that your company colours remain exact and consistent, even throughout multiple print jobs. All this, along with precise measurements, steady trimming, and thorough installation, ensures that you'll never be disappointed with our graphics - we guarantee it.

With latex printers capable of printing 60" wide, we specialize in printing large format graphics. We have the flexibility to print on multiple types of substrates for both indoor and outdoor use, and special recipes for optimal material use have been researched, tried, and tested over the years. Whether it's a trade show display, a branded environment, or something that you've just dreamed up, our print technician's problem-solving and 23 years of experience in the print industry are sure to impress.

We also house a large format laminator to coat and protect your prints, a vinyl cutter to trim out decals, and a crew of people who are dedicated to the highest quality work they can do. 

Let’s get started on your display project right now!


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Amazing company. Start to finish. Every single time we have a need for their services. Thank you everyone for always meeting deadlines and making our life so easy to get our trade-show equipment ready
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