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Make the Right Trade Show Selection: Infographic

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Selecting the right trade shows to exhibit in is a big part of your marketing plan and trade show strategy. And even if you’ve been exhibiting for years (yes, even you!) this is something you need to re-examine on an annual basis. Shows change, grow, and disappear, and new ones crop up all the time.

You probably can’t exhibit at every single show you’d like to. So how do you choose which ones will be best for your business? There are a variety of factors you need to consider when refining your exhibit schedule. In the Choose Your Shows infographic below, we outline four of the key areas you’ll need to analyze.

And for a more detailed breakdown, check back here in the coming weeks as we elaborate on how to analyze a trade show based on trade show attendance KPI's, timing and scheduling, the show's history and choosing a location to fit your trade show needs.


Choose the Show Infographic